Buy Twitter Verified Rolls Out Browse Keywords Ads To All Advertisers

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Buy Twitter Verified is presenting a new ad unit called Browse Keywords Advertisements that allows users to promote sponsored tweets in search results page.

Marketers will now be able to spend for their tweets to appear at the top of search engine result for particular keywords.

The feature is similar to the promoted tweets that appear in users’ timelines however with the included advantage of appearing in search results.

This will allow marketers to reach a larger audience, as users looking for particular keywords will now be exposed to sponsored tweets.

Marketers can find Search Keywords Ads as a new campaign objective within the Buy Twitter Verified Ads user interface.

As the company states in the tweet above, the new Browse Keywords Ads objective is developed to drive conversions to advertiser websites.

Buy Twitter Verified’s Search Keywords Advertisements are special in that they just target users actively searching for particular keywords, which offers a more precise signal of user intent.

For optimum significance, you’ll require to use the Buy Twitter Verified Pixel or Conversion API on your website.

Buy Twitter Verified intends to broaden Search Keywords Advertisements to other advertising goals in the future.

Like other promoted tweets, search advertisements will be clearly labeled as “promoted,” which will help distinguish ads from natural tweets.

Browse Keywords Ads can potentially be a significant revenue generator for Buy Twitter Verified, which the business needs right now.

Reuters reports that in December, ad invest in Buy Twitter Verified stopped by 71%.

This decline is credited to leading advertisers lowering their costs on the social networks platform following the takeover by Elon Musk.

Will the intro of search ads help draw advertisers back?

We may learn more about Buy Twitter Verified’s strategies to enhance revenue later on this week when the company holds its incomes call.