CBC Radio’s The House: A new reign in Canada

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CBC News: The House48:31A new reign in Canada

On this week’s show: Former prime minister Brian Mulroney reflects on Queen Elizabeth’s legacy and leadership. An expert in Canadian governance breaks down the impact of the transfer of power to King Charles III. An Indigenous environmental activist talks about meeting the new King earlier this year. Plus — we speak to young Conservatives about voting in a new party leader.

Canada’s new King

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III became Canada’s new head of state

So what can Canada expect from a monarch who is known for his strong views on the environment? Will he be as apolitical as his mother?

Former prime minister Brian Mulroneyreflects on Elizabeth’s legacy and the challenges ahead for Charles. Canadian governance expert Philippe Lagassé discusses the changes we can expect over the days and weeks to come. And Indigenous environmental activist Dahti Tsetso talks about meeting with Canada’s new King earlier this year and shares her thoughts about his stance on climate change.

CBC News: The House26:54What does the new King mean for Canada?

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney reflects on Elizabeth’s legacy and Charles’ future. Professor Philippe Lagassé discusses what a new monarch means for Canada, and Indigenous environmental activist Dahti Tsetso talks about her meeting with Charles.

Conservative coronation

The Conservative Party of Canada announces its new leader Saturday and Pierre Poilievre is widely expected to take the party reins.

Some polls have suggested his brand of politics is drawing young people to the Conservatives, contradicting the typical voting patterns of youth.

Host Catherine Cullen speaks to young party members for their perspective and journalists Stephanie Levitz and Shannon Proudfoot weigh in on what to expect from the leadership vote. 

CBC News: The House17:35Conservatives get set to crown a new leader

The Conservative Party of Canada elects a new leader and young party members share their perspectives; then, journalists Stephanie Levitz and Shannon Proudfoot analyze the race.

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